BS in Health Data Science

Advance human health with data science

Health data science is a burgeoning, interdisciplinary field requiring a diverse set of skills to extract knowledge and insights from data. Health data scientists will be at the center of an estimated $300 billion value added to the American health sector annually by big data and analytics.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Data Science features an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates biostatistics, computer science and informatics that will create an attractive package for employers working with health data locally, nationally and internationally. Students may receive a minor in computer science from the Department of Computer and Information Science.

All of the topics we learn in the program apply to real-world problems.

Rebecca Gorman, Health Data Science Alumna


To complete this degree, you will take a combination of general education courses, health data science major and core courses, electives, and/or a minor in computer science that together total at least 120 credits.

Health Data Science Curriculum


Upon completing the Bachelor of Science in Health Data Science, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate computing knowledge and “hacking” skills (data capture and visualization)
  • Analyze results using appropriate biostatistical methods (analytical skills)
  • Think critically and creatively to solve problems and discover meaning in large data (open-mindedness, curiosity)
  • Conduct biostatistical analyses in an ethical and responsible manner (professionalism)
  • Effectively communicate results of analyses to non- experts (communication, “story telling”, presentation skills).

Admission criteria

Our students are on the frontlines of efforts to improve health, analyze big data and reduce healthcare costs. They are innovators who are leading the shift in priorities from the treatment of illness to protection and prevention.

An undergraduate degree from the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health will allow you to make a difference in Indiana and beyond.

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Minimum admission criteria to the School and program:

  • 2.5 prior term GPA
  • 2.5 cumulative IU GPA
  • 12 credit hours completed at IU Fort Wayne
  • Completion of English 13100 with a grade of "C" or better

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